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Guide to Court Case Types

AD - Adoption
Adoption – these cases are not accessible to the public

AR - Mandatory Arbitration
Civil case seeking money damages over $10,000 but not exceeding $50,000

CH - Chancery
Complaints for equitable relief in matters such as foreclosures, trusts, and title to real property. Chancery cases include such matters as: injunctions; real estate mortgage foreclosure; foreclosure of security interest in personal property; mechanic's lien foreclosure; partnership dissolution; specific performance; partition; will contest (not during administration); construction of Will (not during administration); construction of inter vivos trust (not during administration); construction of testamentary trust (not during administration); trust administration; quiet title.

CF – Criminal Felony
Any violation of the Illinois Criminal Code or any other Illinois statute classified as Murder, a Class X, 1, 2, 3, or 4 felony which provides for probation, or imprisonment in the state penitentiary for more than one year, or in county jail for a year or less.

CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
Any violation of the criminal code or other Illinois statute classified as a Class A, B, or C misdemeanor, business offense or petty offense that provides for probation, a fine or imprisonment in a penal institution other than the penitentiary for a term of less than one year.

CV - Conservation Violation
Conservation violation is any violation of the State Conservation Act or County Forest Preserve ordinances relating to conservation.

D- Dissolution of Marriage/Divorce
Petitions for dissolution of marriage, custody, visitation, maintenance, invalidity of marriage, legal separation, and post-decree issues.

DT - Driving Under the influence
Class A misdemeanor that can result in probation, a fine or imprisonment in a penal institution other than the penitentiary for a term of less than one year.

ED- Eminent Domain
Eminent domain is defined as the right of the government to condemn property or take property from a private owner for public use with compensation.

Family cases involve custody, visitation, determining paternity and custody of children, and establishing child support for children of unmarried parents or other parties.

J, JA, JD – Juvenile, Juvenile Abuse, Juvenile Delinquent
Juvenile, Juvenile Abuse and Juvenile Delinquent cases involve minors and are not accessible to the public.

LM - Law Magistrate
Civil cases that seek remedy or relief over $10,000 but less than $50,000.

L – Law
Civil cases that seek remedy or relief in excess of $50,000.

Municipal Corporation (MC)
Cases filed by a municipal corporation.

MH - Mental Health
Civil cases include petitions for hospitalization, discharge or restoration. Mental health cases are not accessible by the public.

MR - Miscellaneous Remedies
MR cases can involve civil or criminal matters, such as administrative reviews (unemployment & workers compensation), consumer fraud, declaratory judgment, corporation dissolution, name changes, eavesdrop, habeas corpus, mandamus, search warrants, prohibition, quo warranto, attachment (original action), ne-exeat (original action), lost goods or money, abatement of nuisance, election contest, election judges appointment, election results certification, rendition, demolition, revival of judgment, fugitive from justice, and forfeitures.

OP - Order of Protection/Civil No Contact Orders
An order of protection is issued for the protection of a person or party against another individual for domestic violence, sexual abuse or stalking. Civil No Contact Stalking and Sexual Conduct Orders also fall under this case type.

OV - Ordinance Violation
Any violation of an ordinance from a municipal corporation (cities, villages, county, etc).

P - Probate
Civil-law cases involving estates of decedents and guardianship matters, including wills and disabled adults.

SC - Small Claim
A small claim is a claim for the recovery of money amounts with a value at $10,000 or less, including torts, contracts and tax collections.

TR – Traffic
A violation of the Illinois Motor Vehicle Code or a similar ordinance.

TX - Tax
Cases regarding annual tax sales and a variety of actions relating to the collection of taxes. Examples include tax objections, tax decision review, deeds, injunction, recovery of delinquent personal property tax, review of assessments, local improvement or drainage assessment proceeding

W – Wills
A will filed after a person’s death.

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