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The Madison County Maps and Plats GIS Division performs many functions within the public and private sector. Enforcement of the 765 ILCS Section 205 Plat Act and maintenance for the Chief County Assessment Office Tax Maps (2300 maps) are the two primary responsibilities. This division also keeps an up-to-date history record of all property ownership dating back to the 1950's. Municipal boundaries, fire districts, school districts and all other taxing district boundaries are also maintained.

The Parcel Identification Number (PIN) is the tax identification number used by the assessor's office to uniquely identify every parcel of land (over 136,000 in Madison County ) . These numbers are issued by Maps and Plats to ensure duplication does not occur, and also to maintain a history of each parcel division. Subdivision Plats, Annexation Plats, Roadway Dedication/Vacation Plats and property deeds are verified before recording in the Recorder of Deeds office. Due to examining the variety of plats and deeds, an enormous amount of data is available in this office for public and private use.

Effective January 1, 2004, every deed recorded in the Madison County Recorder of Deeds Office will require a Plat Act Affidavit. This Affidavit will inform Maps & Plats and the Recorder of Deeds Office if property is being divided or not. It also notifies Maps & Plats as to what exemption to the Plat Act is being exercised [See Plat Act Affidavit Information Sheet (PDF)]. A copy of the Affidavit and an instruction sheet is available at the Maps & Plats office or from our web page [Plat Act Affidavit (PDF)] and [Plat Act Affidavit Instruction Sheet (PDF)].

We have also combined the Municipality Approval form into the Affidavit. If you are submitting a deed that creates a division of land and the property is within a Participating Municipality or within 1.5 miles of a Participating Municipality , the Planning Official from that Municipality is required to sign-off on the Affidavit. A listing of participating Municipalities along with names and phone numbers of the planning official to contact can be obtained at the Maps & Plats office or from our web page [Participating Municipalities (PDF)] and [Municipality Planning Officials (PDF)]. Maps are located in our office for your viewing to determine if you need to obtain approval from a Participating Municipality or they can be purchased in a set of three (3) for $30.00. If you need help determining the correct exception to the Plat Act, please consult your private attorney.

The tax maps are now completely maintained as a digital file, built, updated and printed from an ArcView project. The tax maps are also preserved on DVD and available for purchase on an annual basis (See Appendix A for more information). Aerial photographs of the land parcels are stored on Mylar so they may be reproduced with the parcel overlay map. Aerial photography is stored from circa 1956, 1972, 1983, 1992, 1995, 1999 and 2003. Aerial photography from 1972, 1983 and 1992 are available for purchase on CD. Along with tax and aerial photography maps, zoning and township road maps are also available for purchase.

To aid Surveyors, Engineers and the General Public, Township Section and Quarter Section files are also available in Maps & Plats. These files provide a database, consisting of surveys, drawings, subdivision plats and miscellaneous other documents, that assists individuals in determining legal property line boundaries. These paper copies have been preserved on compact disk in the identical format to the Tax Maps (See Appendix B for more information).

Technology is changing the way data is stored, retrieved, analyzed, reproduced and archived. Maps and Plats GIS Division has the ability to create, display and produce thematic maps. This technology opens up a new age in spatial analysis, map creation and map viewing in Madison County . Since the completion of our Countywide Parcel Conversion, we have created several maps for public use. These maps are available in our office at all times and they include: Municipality Boundaries, School District , Fire District, Library District and other taxing district boundaries. If you need a thematic map designed for a specific purpose, contact Maps & Plats GIS Division.

Examples include:

  • Property Lines
  • Municipal Boundaries
  • Fire Districts
  • Junior College Districts
  • School Districts
  • Streets Maps
  • Arial Photographs

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