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GED Class Information

The Madison County Community Services Block Grant Program provides a wide-range of services and activities that have a direct, measurable impact on the causes of poverty in the county.  Through implementation of the Community Services Block Grant Program, Madison County has established specific programs that address the problems of the poor and encourage self-sufficiency.

Utilizing funding provided by the Department of Health and Human Services and administered by the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity and Madison County Community Development, the program utilizes between 10 percent of the annual grant to be set aside for economic development and job creating activities.

The  Madison County Community Services Block Grant Program offers the following programs:

  • Skills Training- Madison County Community Development contracts with the Madison County Employment & Training department, Lewis & Clark Community College, Southwestern Illinois College, and The Nurses' Station to provide training to clients that have a high potential for employment opportunities. 
  • Adult Education  and Literacy Program – Madison County Community Development works in coordination with Lewis & Clark Community College and Southwestern Illinois College at its Granite City campus to provide GED instruction and testing fees for income eligible students;
  • Scholarship Program – Madison County Community Development annually awards between 12-14 scholarships to students attending Southwestern Illinois College at Granite City, Lewis & Clark Community College and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville to assist eligible students with the expenses of a post-secondary education.  Contact the Financial Aid office at the school for more information.
  • Nutrition- CSBG funds are used to provide food assistance to local participating food pantries.  Contact local food pantries for assistance;
  • Emergency Services – Community Services Block Grant funds are used to provide low-income individuals and families with assistance in emergency situations for the acquisition of such essentials as rent.  Transportation (car repair assistance to maintain employment); 
  • Emergency Shelter – Madison County Community Development works with The Salvation Army – Alton and Granite City offices, Collinsville Township  to provide short-term hotel lodging and support services for low-income individuals in emergency situations;
  • Transitional Housing -- Housing and supportive services are provided to homeless families for up to two years.  Participating families are required to work on resolving the problems that lead to homelessness, including job training and employment.  Contact Patricia Williams at (618) 296-4202; 
  • Home Repairs – Madison County Community Development, partners with IMPACT, CIL to provide accessibility ramps for disable clients;
  • Senior Meals – The Community Services Block Grant program enables the home delivery and congregate site meals for low-income seniors;
  • Youth Education Programs – Madison County Community Development works with agencies to provide after school supplementary education services, after school programs, and summer education and recreation programs for disadvantaged youth;
  • Family Self-Sufficiency – The Madison County Housing Authority provides subsidized housing assistance to families while working with the families to attend training, obtain jobs and become self-sufficient.  Madison County Community Development provides financial assistance to fund the case management and supportive services elements of the program.
  • Medical Assistance- Provides assistance to eligible clients for eye glasses and exam.

Income Eligibility Guidelines

At least 51% of the clients served by CSBG funds must be at or below the poverty level income.  Assistance may also be provided to clients at 125% of the poverty line.

January 2017-January 2018
125% of Poverty (Income is calculated on 90-day income)

CDBG Income Guidelines

For additional information on the Madison County Development Community Services Block Grant program, contact Amy Lyerla at (618) 296-4382 or Joe Bolt at (618) 296-4394.

To apply for specific services, contact the agencies listed below:

Emergency Assistance
The Salvation Army- Alton
Riverbend Area
618-465-7764 (Holly)

Madison County Urban League        
Riverbend Area                                  
Telephone (618) 463-1906 ext. 1       

Riverbend Family Ministries
Eastern Madison County
(618) 296-6177

Madison County Catholic Charities 
Tri-Cities Area
Telephone (618) 877-1184

Medical (Eye Glassware) Assistance
Glen Ed Pantry
(618) 656-7506

Local Food Pantries   
The Salvation Army – Alton Corp
Telephone (618) 465-7764
(Riverbend area) 

The Salvation Army – Granite City Corp
Telephone (618) 451-7957
(Tri-Cities Area) 

Community Care Center (Tri-cities)
Telephone (618) 876-8770

Alpha & Omega Church
Telephone (618) 344-4091 (Collinsville)

Collinsville Food Pantry
Telephone (618) 346-1861 (Collinsville)

New Shining Light
Telephone (618) 530-2347 (Tri-cities)

Operation Blessing (Wood River)
Telephone (618) 251-5683

Venice Township
Telephone (618)452-1121


Family Self-Sufficiency
Monica at Madison County Housing Authority - (618)-345-5142
Senior Meals
Senior Services Plus - (618) 465-3298 Attn: Deven
Highland Meals on Wheels - (618) 954-0356
Collinsville Township Senior Center- (618) 344-1290 Attn: Yenny 
Emergency Shelter Assistance
Collinsville Township- (618) 344-1290 (Eastern Madison County)
The Salvation Army- Alton Corp (618) 465-7764 (Riverbend Area)
The Salvation Army- Granite City Corp (618) 451-7957 (Tri-Cities Area)
Transitional Housing
Madison County Community Development (618)296-4202 Pat
Home Repairs- Accessibility Ramp Program
IMPACT, CIL- (618) 462-1411 Kathy
Venice Park District (618)-451-7201
Riverbend Family Ministries (618)251-9790
Quad City Community Development (618)876-4043
Skills Training
Madison County Employment & Training (618)296-4301
Lewis & Clark Community College (618) 468-4145
Southwestern Illinois College (618)931-0600 ext. 7396
The Nurses' Station (618) 259-7781
Madison County Community Development (618)269-4382
Car Repair Assistance
Madison County Catholic Charities (Alton) (618)-462-0634
Madison County Catholic Charities (Granite City) (618)877-1184
Adult Basic Education
Lewis & Clark Community College (618)468-4141
Southwestern Illinois Collage 1-866-942-7942 ext. 5525
Literacy (Youthbuild) Program
Lewis & Clark Community College (618)468-4150

For more information regarding the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) program please visit the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity webpage at

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