Madison County Energy Advisory Board

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Purpose of the Madison County Energy Advisory Board
Madison County’s Energy Advisory Board (MCEAB) will serve as a lead advocate to provide policy advice, coordinate information and emerging trends or intelligence to the County Board Chairman and County Board for related topics on energy, transportation and economic development.

MCEAB develops recommendations for the Chairman and the County Board regarding initiation, design, implementation, and evaluation of various energy programs and policy. In doing so, MCEAB serves to integrate and provide consistency between federal, state and local activities.

MCEAB subscribes to the concept of energy development, by which Madison County seeks to meet current energy, economic, and environmental needs while preserving the means to meet the needs of future generations.

The MCEAB will be a quarterly forum for the public, energy industries, suppliers, vendors, landowners and local government to engage in positive and proactive communication and actions that encourage responsible and balanced development of these resources within Madison County and the region.

The MCEAB will provide an open table to discuss economic development, transportation, infrastructure and assessments.

MCCD will provide staff support to the initiative through its efforts to promote energy efficiency and the economic and community development function.

June 2016 kick off with quarterly meetings at various energy facilities around the county

As energy flows, Madison County grows.

To ensure that Madison County's energy providers and partners are supported in economic development growth, related transportation needs and a growing infrastructure

Short-term objectives
1)   Address permitting challenges related to energy providers
2)   Address regulatory issues and challenges
3)   Review transportation needs
4)   Assess local challenges to energy production, i.e. emissions
5)   Develop a regional focus to retain energy industries and their supporting needs
6)   Provide a forum for energy industry to work with local governments

Long-Term Goals
Long-term goals are to:
To make recommendations to the Chairman with respect to:

Program and administrative policies designed to stimulate and improve energy, transportation and economic development and to improve communications between government and our energy providers, supporters;

  1. To serve as a liaison between municipalities, partners and federal programs on energy, transportation and economic development;
  2. To encourage the transfer of research and development results from energy, transportation and economic development,
  3. Combat potential future plant re-alignments, downsizing or changes to work force,
  4. To submit an annual report to the Chairman and the County Board concerning the Board's activities for the prior fiscal year.

 MCEAB Programs and Services
 Create an Energy  Resource Guide for use by partners and other providers

  • Identify gaps in energy, transportation and economic development needs
  • Research and market deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies while reinforcing the energy options available in Madison County
  • Support infrastructure of energy providers
  • Support transportation options for local providers
  • Support workforce needs in Madison County energy sectors

 2016 Meeting Agendas and Meeting Minutes
June 2, 2016 Meeting Minutes
June 2, 2016 Meeting Agenda

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