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Administration of International Building Code - The department administers the International Building Code for construction in the unincorporated areas of Madison County. Any person building a structure is required to obtain a building permit and have the construction inspected to assure compliance to the minimum standards set out in the code.

Inspections Based on Complaints - The department also performs property inspections based on complaints by residents or complaints generated by the department field staff. Property owners are notified of any violations and are given a reasonable period of time to comply with the zoning ordinance. Failure to comply ultimately results in litigation.

Demolition of Derelict Structures Dilapidated structures within the County are also inspected and condemned when necessary. The Planning and Development Office will file a petition with the court requesting an order to force the demolition of the structure. Once this is authorized, a request is made to the Madison County Community Development Department for funding assistance to demolish the structure.

Property Maintenance Code Madison County has also adopted a minimum Property Maintenance Code in 1999. The department inspects structures based on complaints from citizens and review from field staff. Owners of the structures that are cited are required to correct any violation deemed not in conformance with the code.

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