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Madison County Government offers Group Accident and Critical Illness Insurance to eligible employees and their families.   We care about the financial risks our employees face.  These plans are designed to provide dollars to offset unexpected expenses associated with accidents and/or illnesses.  The plans are underwritten through the Unum Life Insurance Company of America.   

UNUM ACCIDENT: The reality is, accidents do happen and most occur close to home. Are you prepared for the extra expenses that result from a sudden accident? This plan provides cash and covers a wide range of off job accident-related injuries.  

UNUM CRITICAL ILLNESS (CI): Any serious life threatening disease can be physically, emotionally and financially devastating. Expenses associated with loss of income, rehabilitation, health care, and general family disruption can add up quickly. This benefit pays a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a covered condition.  It can help you worry less about expenses so you can focus on your recovery. The plan also provides a wellness benefit that pays $100 per person each year when the member has one of 26 qualifying health screening exams.

Open Enrollment Material - Our Annual Open
enrollment occurs in October. Enrollment Advisors will be on site October 9, October 10, and October 15, 2018.  Schedule your appointment with a UNUM Enrollment Advisor by clicking on the "Schedule Your OE Appointment" link below. 

For Enrollees

UNUM Open Enrollment Instruction Guide

Schedule Your OE Appointment
Accident Insurance Brochure
Accident Insurance Examples & Rates
Accident Insurance Schedule of Benefits
Critical Illness Brochure
Critical Illness Rates

Wellness Claim Form CI
Critical Illness (CI) Claim Form
Accident Insurance Claim Form
Change Form
 (Change Name, Beneficiary,
Terminate Coverage,

For additional assistance contact:
Lisa Templer
Corporate Benefits Specialists
Phone: 913-345-0335
Fax:       913-602-8279


This benefit is managed through the Safety & Risk Management Department.  For additional assistance
please contact Cheryl Reynolds (ext. 4566) or Stephanie Vilmer (ext. 5516).

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