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Appendix B

Dear Valued Customer:

Our office is proud to offer Township Section and Quarter Section file folders (Sleeves) on Compact Disk (CD). This project was designed to transform our paper copies into a digital format for archival purposes and also make it available to our customers. The CD’s are published by Township (See CD list attached)and run the same software (Laserficheä ) that our Tax Map DVD utilizes. To view the documents, all you need is a CD Drive and Windowsä . You may also be able to print any document from the CD.

The information on the CD’s are the exact content of every sleeve we maintain in our office. We had every document scanned within the sleeves and indexed by selected fields (i.e. Linen Map, Survey Plats, and Subdivision Plats…). The scanned information is current within a couple month of recording. New plats are added to our database on a monthly basis and is available on CD as well. The price of each CD is $75.00. The CD’s are available from Maps and Plats on a made-to-order basis. We ask that you give at least one (1) day lead-time when you place your order. The CD’s are a one-time purchase (Not a Lease), and updates will be processed as follows.

To get an updated CD, we will ask our customers to exchange the original CD for an updated copy. This will alleviate Maps and Plats from determining who purchased original CD’s and ensure everyone’s fair share in the cost recovery. Updates to the original CD’s will cost $25.00 for each copy. This cost will cover our expenses of scanning new plats, hardware/software maintenance, etc… The content of every CD is listed on the attached page.

Please contact our office at 692-7040 ext. 4586 with your questions or comments.  



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