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* CD 1-27 Cost $75.00 each.

* Updates to CD 1-27 Cost $25.00 each with the return of the original CD.

* Please allow one (1) day for processing.

CD1 Alhambra, Alton & Chouteau Island

CD2 Chouteau

CD3 Collinsville (Sec. 1-15)

CD4 Collinsville (Sec. 16-28)

CD5 Collinsville (Sec. 29-36)

CD6 Edwardsville (Sec. 1-14)

CD7 Edwardsville (Sec. 15-27)

CD8 Edwardsville (Sec. 28-36)

CD9 Foster

CD10 Ft. Russell

CD11 Hamel

CD12 Godfrey

CD13 Helvetia

CD14 Jarvis

CD15 Leef

CD16 Marine

CD17 Moro

CD18 Nameoki

CD19 New Douglas

CD20 Olive

CD21 Omphghent

CD22 Pin Oak

CD23 St. Jacob

CD24 Saline

CD25 Venice

CD26 Wood River (Sec. 1-18)

CD27 Wood River (Sec. 19-36)

Additional CD’s Available

Coal Mines in Madison County $ 25.00 ea.

(Illinois State Geological Survey ISGS maps and directories of coal mines, 1983)

Township Road Maps $ 25.00 ea.

(Maps & Plats compiled township maps, revised date unknown)

Sanborn Maps (Insurance Maps, Circa 1922, 1933) $ 70.00 ea.

(Cities of: Bethalto, Collinsville, East Alton, Edwardsville, Highland, Livingston, Troy, and Wood River)

RailRoad Records $125.00 ea.

(Rail Road Value Maps, from Rail Road Companies, Circa 1900’s)

Aerial Photography (Circa 1956)

*CD 1 Alhambra Twp. – Helvetia Twp. $125.00 ea.

*CD 2 Jarvis Twp. – Wood River Twp. $125.00 ea.

(Aerial Photographs of Madison County, by Township Sections and Quarter Sections, no Parcel Lines)

Aerial Photography (1972, 1983 & 1992)

*1972 Aerial Photography- $125.00

*1983 Aerial Photography- $125.00

*1992 Aerial Photography- $125.00

(Aerial Photographs of Madison County, by Map Number, no Parcel Lines)

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