Order Of Protection

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Order of Protection hearings are held all day Monday through Friday, with the last hearing at 3 PM.   The hearings are held at the Madison County Courthouse on 155 N. Main Street, Edwardsville, IL  62025.  You MUST appear in person to have your case heard before the judge.

A lengthy form needs to be completed to file with the court for your request to be heard before the judge.  Dependent upon the your relationship with the defendant, will determine the form that needs to be completed.  Use this CHART to determine which form to complete.

Next, you will find fillable online forms by clicking here .

The Legal Self-Help Center is located in the lower level of the Madison County Courthouse and their staff is available to 
   To assist you in completing the form
    Answer your questions about information requested on form
    Will review the form prior to filing with the clerk's office

You may also reach out to the Legal Self-Help Center via email lawlibrary@co.madison.il.us or phone 618-296-4900.

If you are going to need assistance completing the form it is highly recommended that you arrive no later than 2 PM.  Should you come later, you may have to return the following day to for your hearing.  

If you do have your form completed, please go to the Law Library first to have paperwork reviewed by the Legal Self-Help staff. 

A PHYSICAL address is REQUIRED to serve the defendant with the Order of Protection.  Also, please try to locate the date of birth prior to filing.