Property Tax Abatement Program

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Local taxing districts in Madison County can abate up to $3 million in property taxes for up to 10 years for new or expanding industries.  Madison County has adopted a program in which its portion of the property tax may be abated for up to five years. 

The amount of the abatement is limited to the increase in assessed valuation resulting from the business's new construction or rehabilitation.  For example, if the location or expansion of a business in Madison County caused the assessed valuation of the firm's property to increase 50%, the County may abate its portion of the taxes that are applied toward the 50% increase in the assessed valuation of the firm's property.  Several rating criteria are reviewed to determine the amount and length of the abatement on a case-by-case basis.

Madison County property tax abatements are considered on the increase in assessed value for the following types of applicants:

  1. Any industrial or commercial firm newly created within the State of Illinois and locating in Madison County; or
  2. Existing Madison County firms that expand within the County.

Companies interested in this program should request a property tax abatement application from the Madison County Community Development Office.  Once the application is completed, the Grants Committee reviews the tax abatement application and presents an advisory opinion and recommendation to the Madison County Board.  If a resolution supporting the property tax abatement request is approved, the County Clerk is directed to abate the applicant's property taxes under the terms and conditions of the County Board's resolution.

For further information regarding property tax abatement, contact Kristen Poshard  at (618) 296-4379 or James Arnold at (618) 296-4247.

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