Julie Carlisle

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Julie Carlisle photoJulie Carlisle

Julie Carlisle was laid off on July 31, 2015, due to the lack of an Illinois State Budget.  Julie had worked for Wellspring Resource as an Administrative Specialist for 3 years and 8 months.  After a couple of weeks of sending out her resume, she was at her wits end.  She was not getting a job by herself and decided she needed help.  Julie’s husband, Mike, just happened to be driving through Wood River and saw the Southwestern Illinois workNet Center sign along Edwardsville Road.  Mike mentioned it to Julie, and she came in to see what we could do to help her. 

Julie was scheduled for the Education Opportunities Workshop as well as the Job Search Workshop on September 3, 2015 with Tony Stephens.  Julie found the information that she received invaluable.  She knew after one day that we could help her and be a great resource to her.  Julie learned tips for online applications and how employer websites scan for keywords.  Julie was surprised to find out that her resume wasn’t always viewed by a person, but scanned by software and then thrown out.  The following day, Julie came in and completely rewrote her resume and cover letter.  A career specialist worked with her one-on-one with her resume, as well as the Resource Room staff.  Julie made many changes to her resume using the information she learned here on resume writing that she simply could not find on online.

Since coming to the Southwestern Illinois workNet Center, Julie has been on many interviews and recently landed a job with Ervin Cable in Wood River.  Julie is now a File Data Clerk with Ervin Cable and started her new job on November 30, 2015.

When asked for advice she would give to other job seekers, Julie said, “Never give up.  There’s always resources.  I tell everyone that the Southwestern Illinois workNet Center is where you need to go.”


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