Agencies That Serve Youth

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200 West Third St Suite 704
Alton, IL 62002
TEL: (618) 792-7266 | FAX: (618) 594-3464

Offers transition services to youth age 17 and up. Services include cognitive assessments, career exploration, Supported Employment, Job Shadowing, Job Readiness Training, Vocational Evaluation, Job Development and job placement services, job retention services.

The Educational Opportunity Center 
11 West 3rd St. 
Alton, IL    62002 
Madison County 
TEL : 1-800-875-5932

Provides FREE assistance in the following areas: financial aid application, career searches, career testing, college searches, and loan consolidation.

Boys & Girls Club of Alton 
115 Jefferson Avenue 
Alton, IL    62002 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 462-6249 | FAX: (618) 462-6218

Provides programs and services to all youth between the ages of 6 to 18 years old. Programs are provided in the areas of Character & Leadership Development, Career & Educational Development, Health and Life skills, the Arts, and Sports, Fitness, and Recreation.

Impact Inc.  
2735 E. Broadway 
Alton, IL    62002 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 462-1411 | FAX: (618) 474-5309 

Agency has many services available to youth with disabilities. Services include Sign Language Training, Braille Classes, GED Classes, Support Groups, Peer Counseling, Youth Advocacy, and much more.

Big Brothers Big Sisters 
2850 Homer Adams Parkway , Suite C 
Alton, IL    62002 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 465-4404

Youth Mentoring Program

Challenge Unlimited 
#4 Emmie L Kaus Lane 
Alton, IL    62002 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 465-0044 | FAX: (618) 465-0056

Paid & Unpaid work experiences, including job shadowing and internships, as well as supportive services for youth age 18-21. Services include Job Placement Assistance, Supported Employment Program, Vocational Evaluation, & Developmental Training

2615 Edwards Street 
Alton, IL    62002 
Madison County 
TEL: (618) 465-4388 Hotline | FAX: (618) 462-2504 | Office: (618) 462-2331

A community mental health center. Have SASS Program - Screening, Assessment, & Support Services. Conducts crisis screening for adolescents age 13-17 in need of psychiatric evaluation, admission, or help facilitate the referral with families at a local or state hospital. Substance abuse program for youth age 17 and up.

304 East Third Street 
Alton, IL    62002 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 465-7774 | FAX: (618) 465-7782

Recreation, Leadership Skills, Computer Skills, Special Leadership programs for girls age 14-18. Life Guard Training age 15 and up. Art for youth ages 3-18. Hip Hop Dance program for at-risk teens - no fees, call for more details.

Madison County Urban League 
408 E Broadway 
Alton, IL    62002 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 462-2963 | FAX: (618) 463-9021

Job placement assistance, crisis intervention, budget counseling, emergency housing. Tutoring assistance available. Youth Development Program - Provide college trips and workshops for teens and tutoring for elementary students. Call for eligibility requirements of individual programs.

Department of Human Services/Division of Rehabilitation Services  
606 W. St. Louis Ave. East Alton, IL 62024 
Madison County 
TEL : (618)258-9996 | FAX: (618)258-7274

Advocacy Information and Career Counseling, referral for assistive technology, development training, Job Placement, Job Training, Personal assistance, and vocational evaluation.

 River Bend Head Start & Family Services 
1802 East Broadway
Alton, IL    62002 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 463-5933 | FAX: (618) 463-8931

Family Foundation Program. GED tutoring. Call agency for information on many other programs & services they offer.

Habitat For Humanity  
600 Henry Street 
Alton, IL    62002 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 462-8933

Provide Volunteer Opportunities for Youth. Need to be 14 or older unless you have adult supervision.

Salvation Army 
525 Alby Street 
Alton, IL    62002 
Madison County 
TEL: (618) 465-7764 | FAX: (618) 465-0331

Youth Program (similar to scouting) Up to age 18, both male and female. Weekly Bible Study. Homeless Shelter - serves female youth up to age 18 with a parent in need of shelter as well.

1200 Esic Drive 
Edwardsville , IL    62025 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 656-0436 | FAX: (618) 656-9653

Primarily Recreation. Also offer leadership development & service projects included in summer camp program for 14 & 15 year olds. Paid & Unpaid work experiences available to 15 - 18 year olds. Summer employment opportunities available for 17-21 year olds. The YMCA also provides babysitter certification.

4-H Clubs 
900 Hillsboro, Box 427 
Edwardsville, IL   62025 
Madison County 
TEL: (618) 692-7700 | FAX: (618) 692-7705 

4-H clubs give youth a chance to develop life skills that will help them succeed in life. 4-H members explore projects of interests to them, and they gain leadership, citizenship and public speaking skills. Schools can also request 4-H programs that help them meet state goals for learning. 4-H Youth Development includes School enrichment programs, 4-H community clubs for youth ages 8-18, Summer Youth Programs, High School Health Fairs, Youth cooking Schools, Youth Equals Success after-school programs (11-18), & Adventures in Motivation (k-8th grade summer program focuses on leadership, culture, educational skill development and recreation, and more.

 Madison County Community Development  
130 Hillsboro Avenue 
Edwardsville , IL    62025 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 296-4386

Transitional Shelter. MCCD Homeless Shelter. Provide transitional housing program for families with children. Also have emergency shelter. Homeless shelter providing emergency shelter for families with children.

Madison County Health Department 
101 East Edwaerdsville Rd 
Wood River, IL    62095 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 296-6060

Smoking Education Prevention, AIDS Screening, Lead Poisoning Screening, Immunizations, & more. The childhood lead poisoning program includes prevention programs, case management and screening. Screenings given during immunization clinic hours.

Madison County Reg.Off.of Ed.-Alt.Sch.Pro. 
157 N. Main 
Edwardsville , IL    62025 
Madison County 
TEL: (618) 656-1182

Offers countywide programs: 1) Regional Safe School Program 2) Truancy Alternative Opportunity Program.

Girl Scouts 
#4 Ginger Creek Parkway 
Glen Carbon , IL    62034 
Madison County 
TEL: (618) 692-0692 | FAX: (618) 692-0685

Lots of volunteer and employment opportunities for those 18-21 years old. Offer unpaid opportunities to 14-16 year olds. Adult mentoring for 14-21 year olds. Also have leadership development opportunities for 14-21 year old females.

Chestnut Health Systems  
2148 Vadalabene Drive 
Maryville , IL    62062 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 452-4929 | FAX: (618) 288-3371 

Youth Drug Prevention & Rehabilitation - Residential Treatment Program, Includes Detox, Mental Health. Also Crisis Intervention Hotline (618) 877-0316

Behavioral Health Alternatives, Inc.  
337 E. Ferguson Avenue 
Wood River , IL    62095 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 251-4073 | FAX: (618) 251-6246

Provide quality personal and confidential services to those who experience or are affected by mental, emotional or situational crises. Includes Case Management Services. Have support group for those who have lost a family member or friend to suicide.

William M. BeDell Achievement & Resource Center 
400 S. Main Street 
Wood River , IL    62095 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 251-2175 | FAX: (618) 251-6294

Center based program for severe/profound multi-disabled persons ages 3-21. Development Training, support, Case coordination, residential alternatives, independent living skills instruction, plus more. CILA - Community Integrated Living Arrangement. Call for more details.

Boys & Girls Club of Bethalto  
324 E. Central Avenue 
Bethalto , IL    62010 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 377-6030 | FAX: (618) 377-6003

Core Program Areas include 1) Character and Leadership Development, 2) Education and Career Development, 3) Health and Life Skills, 4) The Arts, 5) Sports, Fitness and Recreation. Please call or visit to learn more about the many exciting and life-enriching programs we offer to youth.

Coordinated Youth & Human Services
2016 Madison Avenue 
Granite City , IL    62040 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 877-3433 | FAX: (618) 877-0772

A multi-service youth & family agency specializing in providing effective services to youth & families. WIC provides nutrition education, health assessments and free nutritious foods to pregnant women, post-partum women, breastfeeding women and children up to the age of 5. The Healthy Moms Healthy Kids Program provides case management to pregnant women and infants up to the age of one. Will help apply for medical card and other referrals as needed. Also provides AIDS screening/counseling. Also have an alternative education program; attendance program; casework; counseling; drug & alcohol prevention programs; information & referral services; & support groups.

Phoenix Crisis Center, Inc. 
P.O. Box 1043, Nameoki Station 
Granite City, IL   62040 
Madison County 
TEL: (618) 451-1118 | FAX: (618) 451-1052 

Strives to empower persons impacted by domestic violence to build safe, independent & violence free lives by providing emergency shelter, and other related services. Hotline = (618) 451-1008. Shelter for females any age. Counseling & Support Groups Criminal Justice Advocacy Prevention Education.

United Way 
1821 Edison Street 
Alton, IL    62040 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 877-6780 | FAX: (618) 452-2525 

Information Referral Hotline available to persons of all ages. Huge database of referral information. Also have printed directories available for social service agencies in Madison County . Youth Volunteer Opportunities, Summer Volunteer Opportunities. Serves youth age 12 and up.

Agency for Community Transit, ( Madison County Transit ) 
P.O. Box 7500 , 1 Transit Way 
Granite City , IL    62040 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 931-7433 

Provide door-to-door transportation for the disabled.

Call for Help 
2013 D. Johnson Road 
Granite City , IL    62040 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 452-2763 | FAX: (618) 452-3094

Help sexual assault victims with incest, rape history to obtain legal, medical, and emotional support. Also gives presentations at schools. Provide individuals 24-hour sexual assault crisis intervention. Also provide support services to enhance coping skills and to improve the lives of those served. Runaway Shelter. Provides emergency shelter for youth age 12-17 years: female and male.

Children's Home & Aid Society (CHASI) 
2133 Johnson Road 
Granite City , IL    62040 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 452-8900 | FAX: (618) 462-1393

See Directory for full listing of our services. Free copies are available offer many services including transitional, early pregnancy, Crisis Intervention services for run away youth and their families, Child care, Foster Care, and Youth Counseling Services. The Unified Delinquency Intervention Service is available to Juveniles age 12 and up who are in jeopardy of going to the Dept. of Corrections. Also serve Juveniles returning from the Dept. of Corrections. Call for full details. Serve runaway and locked out youth ages 11-17.

New Beginnings Pregnancy Centers
2019 Johnson Road 
Granite City , IL    62040 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 451-2002 | FAX: (618) 451-2002

Offer free pregnancy testing. Leadership development opportunities available to youth age 14-21. Follow up services also available. Abstinence education. Also have a counseling program.

lL. Dept. of Human Services (Granite City) 
1925 Madison Avenue 
Granite City , IL    62040 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 877-9200

Provides help with medical assistance, employment acquisition, & more. Also provide benefits to families with needy children. Income restrictions exist; call for details.

Catholic Charities  
2105 State Street 
Granite City , IL    62040 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 877-1184 | FAX: (618) 798-4287 

Life Problem or General Counseling, Adoptive Parent/Child Search, Adoption Evaluation/Placement, Pregnancy Counseling, Thrift Shop.

BCMW Community Services, Inc. 
915- D S Third Street 
Greenville , IL    62246 
Bond County 
TEL : (618) 664-3309 | FAX: (618) 664-4974

Assist low-income families in becoming self-sufficient. Offer 10 $500 college scholarships each year. Must be at least 18 years old to apply for scholarships. Call for complete list of eligibility requirements.

Bond County Health Department  
503 South Prairie Street 
Greenville , IL    62246 
Bond County 
TEL : (618) 664-1442 | FAX: (618) 664-1744 

Four main services offered to Youth) 1) Teen Parent Services for age 14-19, 2) Mental Health Services for age 14-21, 3) Substance Abuse Services for age 14-21, 4) Dropout prevention Services for AGES 14-21 (help keep in school or help with GED).

H.I.S. K.I.D.S., Inc. 
808 Broadway, P.O. Box 412 
Highland , IL    62249 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 654-4020

Provides an ongoing support system for families affected by childhood cancer and related illnesses. Services include Weekend Retreats, Family Support, Summer Camp for Kids, Teen Programs, Energy Assistance, Food Pantry, and Bereavement Support. Provide paid and unpaid work experiences and have leadership development opportunities for youth.

Residential Options 
4452 Industrial Drive 
Alton, IL    62002 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 466-1803 | FAX: (618) 466-5457

13 Group Homes (Call for Locations) Other services include: Community Integration, Socialization, & Daily Living Skills.

Oasis Women's Center 
302 Piasa 
Alton, IL    62002 
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 465-1978

Provide services to women and children of domestic violence including individual advocacy, shelter, job placement assistance, support groups, counseling, clothing assistance, food and more.

Pregnancy Care Center 
Relevant Options
410A Pine St.
Highland IL, 62249
Madison County 
TEL : (618) 654-3732 | 1-800-395-4357

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