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  • Target Audience: Pregnant women with Hepatitis B & newborns of mothers with Hepatitis B
  • For more information, call (618) 692-8954 ext. 2, Patty Gabel (618) 296-6090, or Terri Hart (618) 296-6057.


This program was designed to reduce the morbidity and mortality of infants born to mothers with Hepatitis B. The nurse case manages pregnant women who are Hepatitis B carriers and acts as a facilitator between the OB physician, the hospital, the pediatrician and the pregnant woman. The goal is assure the infant receives Hepatitis B immune globulin and Hepatitis B vaccination at birth and that the infant receives the remainder of the vaccine series at appropriate time intervals. Extensive education is provided to the mother and the family. This program was initiated at Madison County Health Department in 1998.

Protect Your Baby for Life  


Up to 90 percent of babies who become infected with Hepatitis B at birth become chronic carriers of the disease. Over time, Hepatitis B can destroy the liver (cirrhosis) and can cause liver cancer. The benefit of this program is to stop the spread of this disease through perinatal transmission.

Clinic is located at:
101 East Edwardsville Road
Wood River, IL 62095
(618) 692-8954 ext. 2