Flooding & Drainage Complaints

County staff regularly receives complaints about flooding and drainage problems, particularly after heavy rains events.  Upon request, staff will visit the site, review the cause of the problem, and then determine what steps, if any, can be taken.  If the issue involves right-of-way or publicly-owned and maintained improvements, staff will work with the applicable municipality or township to address the issue.  If an issue is caused by an active construction site, inspectors will address the issue with the developer or contractor.

Most complaints, however, are private matters, which need to be addressed by individual homeowners or the subdivision Home Owners Association (HOA) (if maintenance responsibilities are spelled out in the covenants).  In many cases, flooding is caused by open channels that have been blocked or haven’t been maintained over many years, and as a result, low-lying property begins to flood.  While most channels along streets and other right-of-way are the responsibility of the township or highway department, channels in the rear or side yards are typically privately-owned and maintained.  In these cases, the “Illinois Drainage Act” provides the best course of action and should be consulted IL Drainage Act Link. 

Even though the stormwater program has a limited role in addressing most issues/complaints, it’s beneficial for the stormwater staff to track the complaint so that it can be used for planning and could play a role in justifying future capital improvement projects.   

If you have a flooding or drainage complaint, please call the Stormwater Hot Line at (618) 296-7788.

Contact Information:

Steven Brendel
Stormwater Coordinator
157 N. Main Street, Suite 254
Edwardsville, IL. 62025