Private Sewer Permits & Inspections

The Building & Zoning Department permits and inspects the installation of private sewage systems. These systems are regulated by the Private Sewage Disposal Ordinance along with State of Illinois and U.S. EPA requirements. Private sewage is only permitted where public sewer is not available and cannot be extended to the property line and where acceptable soil conditions are present on the site.

Upon receiving an application, planning staff will review a proposed system, and if all requirements are adequately met, a permit is issued. During installation of the system, an inspector visits the site during installation to endure all necessary codes are met. A follow-up inspection is conducted six (6) months after installation is complete in order to ensure that the system is functioning properly. The homeowner is responsible for continued maintenance of the system.

Madison County licenses all private sewer installers within Madison County. Private sewage installers are required to obtain an annual license from the Building & Zoning Department in order to operate.

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Please contact us via phone or email before coming to the office. Only emergency electrical, plumbing, and private sewage permits will be accepted at the administration building at this time. All permits, including building permits, can be submitted via email Questions? Contact (618)296-4468