Sustainability Plan

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What is the Madison County Sustainability Plan?

Madison County is in the process of updating and finalizing its draft Sustainability Plan.  The purpose of the plan is twofold:

  1. The goals set forth in the plan will guide our grant program, which provides a funding source to townships and municipalities for the completion of environmental projects, ensuring that expenditures are aligned with long-term objectives; and
  2. The plan will better position the County to apply for and receive grant funding from state, federal, and foundation sources. 

In order to frame the plan’s overarching goals, and to formulate objectives and strategies to achieve those goals, six (6) topic areas have been identified:

  • Built environment (e.g. housing, urban / rural land use, alternative energy, etc.)
  • Transportation and mobility
  • Economic development (e.g. equity, green jobs, brownfields, etc.)
  • Natural environment (e.g. biodiversity, air quality, ecological health)
  • Public services and facilities (e.g. buildings and lands owned by Madison County)
  • Sustainability Education (e.g. school programs and general public outreach)
Public Engagement

Four (4) constituent groups (residents, businesses, schools, and local governments) are asked to provide feedback in order to identify priorities and challenges related to sustainability.  Schools and local governments will be contacted directly; residents and businesses should complete a brief (3-5 minute) online survey.  If you are a Madison County resident who also owns or operates a business in the County, you are encouraged to complete both surveys.

           Resident Survey –

           Business Survey –

Please encourage your friends and family to participate.  The more feedback we receive, the more accurately the long-term desires of our community will be understood and incorporated into the plan. 

Planning Process and Timeline

Public engagement will continue through May.  During the months of June, July, and August, the feedback from our public engagement efforts will be analyzed and translated into a draft plan.  The draft plan will then be edited and finalized during September and October. 

Plan Structure

In addition to a discussion of the public engagement results related to the six (6) topic areas described above, the plan will include a discussion of the feedback from public engagement, which will directly underscore the goals and objectives.  A chapter will also be dedicated to the implementation strategy, in which a discussion of regulatory tools, grant programs, continuing education and outreach, and evaluation and reporting methods will be included. 

More Information

If you have questions or would like to discuss the plan or planning process, please contact Kim Petzing, Sustainability Coordinator, at or (618) 296-4666. 

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