Detainee Property And Money

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Each Detainee is allowed up to (5) each of the following property items.

Male Detainees:

  • 5 White boxer or briefs
  • 5 white t-shirts
  • 5 white or off white long johns

Female Detainees:

  • 5 white boxer or underwear
  • 5 white t-shirts
  • 5 white bras (no under wire)
  • 5 white or off white long johns

Property is to be dropped off during visiting hours only. It is to be done so within the first (14) days of incarceration in the Madison County Jail. There can be no logos, stripes, or other markings. No buttons, zippers, etc. on any clothing.

NOTE: All clothing must be marked with the Detainees first and last name and Sheriff ID # in black permanent marker. There are no socks allowed in this facility unless approved by the Medical Staff.


Money may be submitted in the lobby kiosk at the Sheriff's Office during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8am-4pm) or during a scheduled visit.  You may also visit and leave money on a detainee account.  No cash or money orders will be accepted by Jail staff at any time.  All cash or money orders sent to the detainee through the mail will be returned to sender.  The maximum amount of money a detainee can have on the account is $1,500.00.

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