Citizens of Madison County can now address the County Board at their regularly scheduled meetings (3rd Wednesday of each month at 5:00 pm in the County Board room).

All members of the public and County employees wishing to address the board, must complete the online form found at with the County Clerk’s Office, by 4:30 p.m. one day before the day of the Board meeting at which they wish to speak.

                 Procedure For Public Input At County Board Meetings

  1. Fifteen minutes shall be set aside at the beginning of each County Board meeting for the purpose of allowing members of the public or county employees to make comments to the County Board or to ask questions.

  2. Each speaker shall be allowed three minutes to address the Board.

  3. Anyone wishing to address the Board will be required to pre-register by filing a completed “Request To Address The Madison County Board” form found online at with the County Clerk’s Office no later than 4:30PM on the day before the Board meeting, (i.e., on the Tuesday preceding a Wednesday County Board meeting). 

  4. In order for a speaker's request to be considered, they must, at a minimum, provide their name and an explanation of the topic on which they wish comment before their request will be processed by the County Clerk’s Office.

  5. The County Board Chairperson will have the prerogative to determine the procedures to be followed in making presentations.  The order of the speakers during the Board meeting will be based on the date/time stamp of the County Clerk’s Office and will be on a “first come, first served” basis.

  6. There will be no audio/visual aid allowed during the public input period.

  7. All speakers will be required to address the Board from the designated location in the Board Room, using the microphone provided.  All comments will be recorded and made part of the official record of the meeting.

  8. No dialogue between the speakers and Board members will be allowed.

  9. Each presentation shall be in consonance with good taste and decorum befitting the occasion and the dignity of the meeting.  Speakers shall be courteous and will not show disrespect toward any board member.  Speech that demeans individuals or is offensive, disrespectful, or otherwise disruptive may warrant a verbal warning by the Chairperson.  If not corrected, the speaker may then be asked to remove himself/herself from the meeting.