Cemetery Boards

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Adopt and make all necessary rules and regulations for the management of the cemetery associations

Meeting Schedule

Various, 6 Years or Life Term

Appointed By
Three (3) - Ten (10) members appointed by the county board chair with approval of County Board


Resident of Madison County

(55 ILCS 65/) County Cemetery Care Act.
(760 ILCS 95/) Cemetery Perpetual Trust Authorization Act.

Bartlett Cemetery 
 Bartlett Lane / Goshen Road, Edwardsville, IL  62025

Appointee  Term Expires
Randy Long  Life Term 
Dave Lawson  Life Term 
Keith Koenig                                   Life Term 
Donna Koenig  Life Term 
Cathy Long  Life Term 
Cindy Clark  Life Term 

Harris Cemetery Association of Alhambara
6200 Alhambra Road, Alhambra, IL 62001 

Appointee  Term Expires
Joseph Altevogt 05/01/2022
Brian Klenke 05/01/2022
Dale Klenke 05/01/2024
Bob McClellan 05/01/2024
Dennis Brueggman 05/06/2025
Ronalad Harris 05/06/2025
Eddie Robbs 05/01/2026
Delamr Altevogt 05/01/2026
David Hooks 05/01/2026
Brad Ambuel 05/02/2027

Marine Cemetery Association 
 103 S. Humboldt Lane, Marine, IL  26061

Appointee  Term Expires
Kem Conrad  12/31/2020
Dale Grotefendt  12/31/2020
Catherine Stewart  12/31/2020
Neil Straube                              12/31/2020
David Voigt  12/31/2023
John Dietz  12/31/2023
Steve Martin  12/31/2023

New Douglas Cemetery Association
 12643 Silver Creek Road, New Douglas, IL 62074

Appointee  Term Expires
Paul East                     01/06/2023
Jerome Lesicko  01/06/2023
Nelson Bentlage  01/06/2023
Linda Hunsinger 06/30/2025
George Grindstaff 07/19/2025
Duane Schallenberg 07/19/2025

Quercus Grove Cemetery
 Aldrich Lane, Edwardsville, IL  62025

Appointee  Term Expires
Richard M. Gusewelle            Life Term
Paul Schaffer Life Term

Salem Cemetery Association
1 Mile North of Hwy 140 Alhambra Road, Alhambra, IL 

Appointee  Term Expires
Ronald Schmidt 01/04/2023
Steve Reckmann 01/04/2023
Lawrence Henschen 01/04/2023
Steve Stille 01/05/2026
Gary Henschen               01/05/2026

Wanda Cemetery
915 Indiana Road, South Roxana, IL,  62087

Appointee  Term Expires
Steve Futrell 06/01/2022
Ronald L. Mullen                     05/20/2022
Charles Moore  06/01/2023
Don Myers 02/17/2024
Josh Sullivant 06/02/2025
Brad Wells 06/01/2027

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