Drainage & Levee Districts

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Construct, maintain or repair drains or levees or to engage in other drainage or levee work for agricultural, sanitary or mining purposes. Duty to Keep System in Repair

Meeting Schedule

Three (3) Years

Appointed By
Three (3) members appointed by county board chair with approval of the County Board

A sum not to exceed $30 per day

Resident of the drainage and levee district / Madison County

70 ILCS 605/3 to 605/12-24 Illinois Drainage Code

Drainage fees


 Cahokia Creek Drainage & Levee District
 John Dorsey
(618) 346-3600
EMail:  jdorsey@fnbstaunton.com

Financial Information
Appointee  Term Expires
Nancy Kruckenberg 09/07/2020
Kyle Brase 09/06/2021
Ryan Grotefendt 09/02/2022

 Canteen Creek Drainage & Levee District
Appointee  Term Expires
James Trucano 09/06/2021


Chouteau Island Drainage Levee District
 4725 Old Alton Road, Granite City, IL  62040
Ronald F. Marks
(618) 876-0303
EMail:  adavis4925@scglobal.net

Financial Information
Appointee  Term Expires
Billy M. Dillard 09/06/2021
Joseph Marks 09/07/2022
Joel Cionko 09/04/2023


County Ditch Drainage & Levee District
 4932 Autum Oaks Drive, Maryville, IL  62034
John Dorsey
(618) 346-3600
EMail:  jdorsey@fnbstaunton.com

Financial Information
Appointee  Term Expires
Kurt Johnson 09/06/2021
Robert Mueller 09/05/2022
Kenneth W. Mueller 09/04/2023


Wood River Drainage & Levee District
543 W. Madison Ave., Wood River, IL  62095

Office:                (618) 254-7481
   Fax:                (618) 254-7482
      EMail:  BEngland@wrleveedist.org

Website:  http://wrleveedist.org/

Financial Information

Meeting Schedule | Agendas | Minutes | Public Records

Appointee  Term Expires
Nathan Kincade 05/04/2020
Ron Carnell, Commissioner 05/03/2021
Charles Johansen 05/02/2022

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