How To Request Leave

Effective 1/1/2021, the Paid Sick Leave and eFMLA Hours are no longer available to employees.  Employees who are required to isolate or quarantine and are unable to perform their job duties remotely may use their accrued Sick, Vacation, Personal, or Comp time.  Employees whose child's school or daycare is closed and unable to perform their job duties remotely may use their accrued Vacation, Personal, or Comp time.  If employees do not have any accrued leave time left, they may qualify for unpaid FMLA (click here for additional information).

There are many questions going around the County concerning people coming back to work “on-site” and the continuing difficulties that some may have because of child-care issues, quarantines and other care issues until the various “stays” are lifted.  Additional information for eFMLA can be found here.  The below chart is meant to help explain the available options depending on your circumstances.  As always, should you have questions concerning your particular circumstances, please first cover them with your supervisor, and if needed, Craig Edwards, Annette Schoeberle or Bruce Cooper are available to assist.  We hope this chart makes the various rules more understandable.

Decision Tree

FORMS: to complete and submit to Payroll (Craig Edwards)
Emergency Family & Medical Leave - for Scenario A.
Emergency Paid Sick Leave - for Scenario B. and C.