Madison County Partnership to End Homelessness

Madison County Partnership to End Homelessness
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Continuum Of Care
Madison County Partnership to End Homelessness

Target Population:
Persons and organizations interested in resolving the problems of homelessness including government entities, elected officials, non-profit organizations, financial institutions, businesses, housing developers, churches, health care providers, neighborhood associations, educators, the media, homeless and formerly homeless persons.
Vision and Mission:
The Vision of the Madison County Partnership to End Homelessness shall be to work towards the elimination of homelessness in Madison County, IL.

The Mission of the Madison County Partnership to End Homelessness is to maintain a collaborative partnership to help the individuals and families experiencing homelessness by building a comprehensive system that leads individuals and families from homelessness to appropriate support and self-sufficiency.
  • End Chronic Homelessness in Madison County by 2017.
  • End Veterans homelessness in 2016.
  • Continue to expand the number of affordable supportive housing units available to the chronic homeless. (163 units in 2016)
  • Improve access to mainstream resources, housing and supportive services for homeless.
  • Improve coordination of resources with state funded facilities to improve discharge planning for their clients.
  • Expand homeless prevention efforts through consumer education and financial assistance.
  • Executive Committee – The Executive Committee establishes the annual schedule of meetings, recruits new members, sets goals and monitors accomplishments.
  • Housing- Increase the availability of affordable permanent housing by accessing available public housing and continuing development of non-PHA resources.
  • Quality Assurance Committee- to further the mission and vision of the Madison County Partnership to End Homelessness by monitoring the quality of services and programs funded through the partnership.  The committee may develop and administer program assessments or other like instruments to ensure grant recipients compliance with HUD performance measures.
  • Development Committee- to further the mission and vision of the Madison County Partnership to End Homelessness by pursuing strategic initiatives to promote growth and program stability.  The committee may develop logos, mottos, and marketing and promotional materials to enhance the partnership's public image and improve public relations.  The committee may create and maintain corporate partnerships and community collaborations, fundraising strategies, social media profiles to further the partnership's mission and vision.
  • Mainstream Resources- Improve transportation services, medical/dental care and other supportive services for persons experiencing homelessness.

If you are interested in participating in the Continuum of Care please contact:

Madison County Continuum of Care
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