Biometric Timeclock Guide

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Biometric Timeclock Guide

Prior to using the Time Clocks, a completed Biometric Information Security Policy must be signed (link to form is below). After HR receives the signed policy, an employee’s finger or fingers are scanned to create a template that represents the points along the unique features and minutia found in employee’s fingerprint pattern.

The Time Clocks do not store an image of the actual fingerprint; the templates reflect only limited information gleaned from the fingerprint. The template files cannot be reverse-engineered to reproduce a fingerprint because the reader does not save the necessary information. The finger scan templates are not suitable for law enforcement fingerprint matching. In addition, the reader does not create or save the type of image file required by the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System, the national fingerprint and criminal history system maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal Justice Information Services Division.

To clock in and out, you will select either In Day or Out Day, enter your 4 digit employee code, and place your finger on the Time Clock’s sensor. The reader will then compare the employee’s finger scan to the templates held on file. If the employee’s finger scan matches the templates held on file, the employee will successfully clock in or out.

                                        Biometric Information Security Policy 2018 and Form

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