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Warning:  Recording, video/audio taping, photographing or otherwise reproducing, saving or distributing the remote Zoom/YouTube feeds is strictly prohibited. The recording, publishing, broadcasting or other copying or transmission of courtroom proceedings by video, audio, still photography or any other means is strictly prohibited by Illinois Supreme Court Rule 68(A)(8) and is subject to the penalties for contempt of court.

Judge Threlkeld
- Arbitration (AR), Miscellaneous Remedies (MR), Law Magistrate (LM), Law (L)

Below is connection information for Judge Threlkeld's remote court using the Zoom platform.  Please use this link on the date and time of your scheduled Court hearing.

 Meeting ID  Meeting Password  Phone In Only  
 974 6083 8501 815601  312-626-6799  Join Now


Follow the steps listed below to prepare for a remote court appearance.  Start this process BEFORE your scheduled court appearance time to make sure you are in the virtual "waiting room" by the time court begins. 

1. If you already have a Zoom account go directly to the above links to join the courtroom "meeting."

2. If you do not have a Zoom account you can download the free Zoom app to your cell phone by going to the App Store and searching for Zoom.  Or create a new account by going to  Click the SIGN UP, IT'S FREE button and follow the instructions to sign up for a free Zoom account.

3. Once Zoom opens, select the JOIN button on your cell phone, or the JOIN A MEETING link on your computer. Be sure the Zoom screen name being displayed is your legal name so you are recognized by the Court.

4. A message box will appear asking for a Meeting ID or Personal Link Name.  The Meeting ID is specific to the courtroom (see above). You will also be prompted for a password (see above). Click the JOIN button.

5. Screen should now show your face and you must select JOIN WITH VIDEO.  You may also need to select JOIN WITH    COMPUTER AUDIO, or if using a cell phone select CALL USING INTERNET AUDIO.

6. Once the host starts the "meeting," participants will initially be placed in a virtual "waiting room" pending admittance into the virtual "courtroom" by the Court.

7. Be sure your screen name being displayed in the "waiting room" is your legal name. 

8. Once you are admitted to the "courtroom" your audio will be muted until the judge calls your case.  When your case is called, your audio will be unmuted by the Court.

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